Cullen Grace is a custom architectural fabrication studio. Founded in 1991, we have decades of experience in custom cabinetry, detailed panelling, original furniture and other finishing aspects of the building trade. We are a dynamic, creative team that partners with leading architects, contractors and designers on the most challenging, innovative interior fabrication projects imaginable.

Our clients, whether they are designers, architects or project managers, look to us for more than just a well made product – they look to us for unparalleled service and experience. We are committed to following through on every detail. We eagerly pursue a solution before an issue becomes a problem, and we delight in knowing that our attention to thoroughness surprises even our most frequent clients. To that end, we invest significant time and resources during the course of our projects on excellent planning, precision specifying, and exquisite quality.

At Cullen Grace we adhere to the principles of Integrated project delivery (IPD) – the collaborative alliance of people, systems and practices that seeks to optimize project results, productivity and value. We enthusiastically participate with our project partners to implement the best practices of the IPD method and invite inquiry into steps we can take together to maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.


Our facilities include industrial grade woodworking equipment in a 4,000 square foot shop including a complete finishing facility. We are well versed with custom veneer layup, exotic wood selection, and complex site installation. We can provide national and international shipping, delivery, and installation as needed.

Cullen Grace began in 1991 as the furniture-making shop of Ken Smith, owner of the company, and by 2004 had incorporated and grown to include 5 employees and a widening client base. While Ken still owns and runs the business, he says it “is run more as a cooperative venture than a traditional shop with a hierarchical structure”. Our location in the Berkshires of Massachusetts places us ideally to work in the Northeast region and major metro markets of New York and Boston.

Here at Cullen Grace the work is about creating pieces that combine art and function. In designing and making furniture and cabinetry in collaboration with architects and interior designers, the task is to “use their expertise to bring the vision alive.” Custom cabinetry, freestanding pieces both large and small, complete residential libraries, dining and executive furniture – these are all part of our portfolio.