Cullen Grace provides the building trade with precision architectural fabrications capabilities. We work with traditional and non-traditional materials and finishes in our work.

  • Custom cabinet work including complete kitchens, bathrooms, closets, libraries and storage areas.
  • Panelled rooms, moldings and finish detail work including custom cornices, columns, baseboards.
  • High-gloss finishes – plastics, metals, polished metals, polyurethane, plastic, vinyl, leather.
  • Custom design support. CAD and 3D design services.
  • Dimensioning, specification, budgeting.
  • Design concept development and Design Assist services

Design Assist

A key component of our services revolves around developing design concepts into buildable solutions. We take the preliminary drawings and evolve them completely for bidding and fabrication. With our particular knowledge of appliance integration, hardware solutions, and lighting and materials options, we refine the design to a point where the majority of engineering questions are worked out before the package is sent out to bid.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) services:

We work with numerous designers, architects and builders as well as directly with clients who know what they want for their home, office or studio. With CAD at our fingertips we are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with designers and architects to confirm that we are all developing what the client needs. Our own process for creating working drawings, plans and cut lists is much streamlined. We are also then able to communicate with other builders on location about exactly how all the parts of the project will fit together.

CAD drawings are not only easy to modify but also quickly become 3-D representations which can be examined from all perspectives. 



At Cullen Grace, finishing is not the last small detail to be completed just before the delivery of a project. We offer a wide range of finishes anywhere from a complex Cerused Oak to High Gloss Polyester.

We recognize that, ultimately, it is the finish on the wood that meets the eye, it is the lens through which you see the wood. If it is given the same level of care and attention as the design and joinery, the overall project will rise above the standard. Working with the designers to achieve the appropriate finish is part of this process. The best finish starts well before the first stain is applied. It begins with wood selection and is carried through each step along the way. By doing the finish in house, we are able to maintain full control of the end product.

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